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An example of recipe for a weapon

Crafting is used to create a new item as specified by a crafting recipe. A recipe will list the consumables needed, that will be consumed in the crafting action. Ingredients will show in red if the player doesn’t have the required ingredients.

Craft recipes can be purchased from merchants, in Herelsor in particular.

Craft menu can always be accessed from the main menu.

Armor[edit | edit source]

These pieces of armor can be crafted

Image Armor Recipe

Cl t 05.png

Cloth hood 10 linen

+ 1 reagent possible


Cloth robe 20 linen

+ 1 reagent possible

3 t.png

Cloth armband 10 linen

+ 1 reagent possible


Cloth pant 15 linen

+ 1 reagent


Light boots 10 linen

+ 1 reagent possible

Image Armor Recipe
137 t.png Leather hood 10 leather hide

+ 1 reagent possible


Leather tunic 20 leather hide

+1 reagent possible


Leather armband 10 leather hide

+ 1 reagent possible


Leather pant 15 leather hide

+ 1 reagent possible


Leather boots 10 leather hide

+ 1 reagent possible

Image Armor Recipe


Wild leather tunic 10 leather hide

3 demon hide

2 reinforced leather

+1 reagent possible

Weapon[edit | edit source]

These weapons can be crafted.

Image Weapon Recipe
Justice.png Justice 10 iron ore

4 wood

+ 1 reagent possible

Dawnbreaker.png Dawnbreaker 15 iron ore

5 celestium

5 wood

+ 1 reagent possible

Dawnshard ic.png Dawnshard Staff 10 wood

5 crystal shard

Diviner ic.png Diviner staff 5 wood

10 crystal shard

5 celestium

+ 1 reagent possible

Consumable[edit | edit source]

These consumables can be crafted.

Image Consumable Recipe

T 102.png

Ether 1 flask

3 itching wineberry

4 spigettle

Crystal[edit | edit source]

Craft crystal.png

5 crystals can be merged to create a new crystal, that can be of a different quality, color, or contain a different spell.

This way, it's possible to obtain a crystal that cannot be buy or find in a chest otherwise.